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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

An Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a group of Summa Health employees who share a common dimension of diversity. Our ERGs gather regularly to build relationships and identify ways to help employees reach their full professional and personal potential, while creating opportunities to help Summa Health achieve its strategic goals.

Each Summa Health ERG fosters an inclusive environment in which employees feel challenged, empowered and supported in developing and maximizing their personal potential and value to the organization. ERGs are open to all employees and offer opportunities to:

  • Network and engage in dialogue with other employees with common interests and goals
  • Develop new skills, enabling employees to learn, grown and achieve
  • Play a role in initiatives that positively affect employees throughout the organization
  • Become more involved in our surrounding communities
  • Foster a creative, innovative work atmosphere
  • Improve communication and inclusion across the organization

The Summa Health ERGs include:


DRIVE (Developing and Retaining Individuals with Vision and Energy) is an employee resource group focused on learning and excelling through professional growth opportunities. Through DRIVE, Summa professionals can build their professional networks and enhance personal and career growth.


EXCEL (Excellence in Cultural Engagement & Leadership) is a group that supports the professional development of minority employees at all levels and works with leadership to advance the inclusion, retention and career mobility of minority employees.


A+PLUs (Allies + People Like Us) is a Summa employee resource group dedicated to serving as a resource, liaison and advisor to Summa Health management on issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees, patients and community members.


The Veterans ERG serves to connect military veterans, active National Guard and Reserve members employed at Summa Health with other employees who support the US Armed Forces. The ERG provides an environment of social support, networking and professional skills development, in addition to community engagement. 


The Summa Health Women’s Resource Center is to support women+ employees and members of the community through advocacy and education about women, gender, and diversity.
With a commitment to the community it serves, the ERG's mission is to lead and support efforts for equity for women+ staff and through alliances of advocacy and care.

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