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Equipment and Resources

The Summa Health Simulation Program has a wide array of training equipment, task trainers, and simulators to meet the needs of our growing clientele. We pride ourselves on utilizing simulators from several leading simulation companies’. We also house the CAE Learning Space throughout our Simulation Labs. This allows easy recording and viewing of all simulation encounters for both teaching and assessment.

Some key equipment available at our institution – included but not limited to:

  • Full Body Meti, Simulaids, Gaumard, Laerdal, High Fidelity Manikins
  • Neonatal Manikin
  • Pediatric Manikin
  • Full Body Birthing Simulator x 2
  • ASL 5000 x 2 Lung Simulator
  • Simbionix LapMentro
  • Simbionix HystSim
  • FLS trainers
  • Fully Functional Simulation Ambulance
  • Disaster Training Hummer Vehicle
  • SonoMan
  • Ultrasounds
  • Glidescope
  • C-Arm 
  • Full Stryker Laparoscopic Equipment including OR Stuff
  • Customizable space to accommodate large and small groups
  • Ventilators
  • Neonatal Warmer
  • Robotic Surgery Backpack Trainer
  • Mock OR – including fully functional Stryker Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Equipment
  • Procedural Training Manikins (Airway, Central Lines, Chest Tube, CPR, Radial Artery Line, Joint Aspiration, Adult & Peds Lumbar Puncture, Pelvic/Gynecologic Skills, Para/thoracentesis, Tracheostomy, Nasogastric Tube Placement, Transvenous Pacing, IV Insertion Arm, Ultrasound-capable Venipuncture Pads
  • NVivo Software

Event Planning Tool (Adobe PDF format)


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