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Summa Virtual Care Simulation Lab (VCSL)

Mission Statement:

The Summa Health Virtual Care Simulation Lab (VCSL) is dedicated to providing experiential learning opportunities that offer immersive and realistic educational simulations and assessments with reflective debriefing sessions aimed at: increasing patient safety and interprofessional teamwork; advancing evidence-based medical knowledge; deliberate practice of procedural skills. This mission is aimed at improving the quality of care for our community. The VCSL incorporates the Healthcare Simulationist Code of Ethics values during the practice of simulation including: Integrity, Transparency, Mutual Respect, Professionalism, Accountability, and Results Orientation.


The Summa Health Virtual Care Simulation Lab (VCSL) will continue to use the most current and evidence-based educational modalities within simulation in an effort to provide all learners across the institution with the skills necessary to deliver quality and safe care to our community. The VCSL will strive for continued professional development within our staff, work towards maintaining state of the art facilities and equipment and using creativity and innovation to provide immersive and realistic training to our learners.


Options to Request an Appointment

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