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An Introduction to Mindfulness, Mindfulness Series

An Introduction to Mindfulness


Hello and welcome to this brief and powerful video series on mindfulness. My name is Shannon Speaks and I'm a social worker for Summa Health. It's an honor and privilege to be with you in whatever moment you find yourself in right now and to introduce you to a supportive concept called mindfulness.

It's our intention to provide both information and opportunity for you here, all held in a safe and compassionate space. I'd like to remind you to stay fully in choice throughout this video series. How much you choose to learn and or practice mindfulness is entirely up to you, so it's important that you enter this space by choice and move along at a pace that feels safe and comfortable for you.

For some taking time to pause, focus on the breath, settle into the body, it can cause some anxious feelings instead of a calm connection. If that's true for you, please know that you're not alone and consider consulting with a professional on if, how, or when to proceed with a mindful practice. So for anyone who feels safe and comfortable, ready to learn more and to embody the benefits of mindfulness, join me in the next video where we explore what mindfulness is and how it might help.

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