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Yoga for Nausea Relief, Restorative Video Series

Yoga for Nausea Relief


Welcome. I'm so glad you're here. We'll be moving today through several yoga poses to help alleviate nausea. I'm here with Scott who has two towels that he will be using. So if you have two towels, I also have a yoga block, so please grab some props as we move throughout our practice today. Our first pose we will come to is called legs up the wall. What I'll have you do is just come flat on your back here, and if you have a wall in your space, you can go ahead and just prop your legs up on the wall. Now, Scott will show you what it looks like if you have a chair where you just bend your knees over that surface here. And if you have neither of those things, you can also do what I'm doing, which is just keeping the legs elevated. And just finding your breath here.

Now, if this doesn't suit you, you can always bring the soles of the feet down to the mat, and maybe you take the feet out wide and then knock the knees in together. You have options here. Just do what feels good in your body today. If it feels okay, maybe you close the eyes here. We'll take three more breaths here in this pose. Last inhale here, and exhale. Wherever you are, bringing the soles of the feet back to the mat, roll off to one side, and we'll press ourselves up into a seat here. We'll move into hero's pose.

We'll be sitting on the shins here. Scott will model what this looks like. He'll stack the towels on top of one another, and then he will sit down on them. I'm going to actually use the block, and I'll show you from the side here. You'll bring the block between the ankles here and then just sit on the block. Our shoulders are stacked over our hips. Chin is parallel with the ground here, and hands can be wherever is comfortable. Maybe they rest on the thighs or maybe they come alongside the body. Now, if this pose does not serve you, you can move the block and you can just come to an easy seat. Because wherever we are, we're still finding the length of our spine and just finding our breath. And again, if it feels comfortable, maybe you close the eyes here. And just returning to that breath, taking three more breaths here wherever you are. And sometimes, I like to bring one hand to my belly, one hand to my heart here, so you can actually feel the expansion in the belly and the chest. Last inhale here, and exhale, let that go.

So removing the props here, we'll bring the soles of the feet, this'll be our last pose today. It's called butterfly pose. The soles of the feet will come together, and then the knees go out wide. Your heels can be as close or as far out as feels comfortable for you. Just find your spot here. And then, we'll inhale, we'll grow really tall, and then we're going to hinge from the hips coming through a flat back. We're not rounding here. We're finding our length of our spine and just hinging forward. And just taking a few breaths here. We'll take three more of those breaths. And maybe on each inhale we get a little lengthening, a little taller here. And then exhale, maybe we hinge just a little bit deeper here. Last inhale here, and exhale. Come on back. You can return to an easy seat here. Thank you so much for being here. I hope that these poses today can help alleviate some of that nausea and help make overall wellness better for you.


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