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Getting Grounded, Mindfulness Series

Getting Grounded


For the first practice, the invitation is to get grounded. The purpose of getting grounded is for you to firmly connect yourself to the present moment. What's important about getting grounded is too often we feel pulled in multiple directions at the same time. This is when overwhelm can set in. The benefit of getting grounded is that even in the middle of a stressful event, you can reach for this practice, gain your footing, and find your way back to stable ground.

Imagine, instead of getting tangled up in thoughts or emotions, you find a few seconds, you press pause, you settle your molecules, and you get grounded, then proceed from a place of stability. Let's begin.

I invite you to find your way to a physical position that's both comfortable and alert. And if it's okay, you might be sure your spine is straight, holding yourself with dignity. And next, we bring awareness to our breath. There's nothing to change, you've been breathing on your own all day without help. See if you can follow three breaths from start to finish. And you might even notice the space in between the in and the out breath. Again, nothing to change. We're just bringing awareness to the fact that we're breathing. And next, if it's comfortable for you, and if you have feet, you might notice your feet on the floor. And just bringing awareness to this grounded feeling of feeling connected to the earth below you, no matter how far below the earth might be.

So just moving back and forth if it's comfortable for you, between feeling grounded with your feet on the floor and bringing that gentle awareness to your breath, feeling that sense of being grounded. And maybe one more breath, noticing the expanding of the body in just a gentle release. And now moving forward to whatever life brings next from this grounded space.

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