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Yoga for Fatigue Relief, Restorative Video Series

Yoga for Fatigue Relief


Welcome. I'm so glad you're here. Today, we'll be moving through several poses to help with fatigue. Scott is here and he has two towels, so if you have those at home, please grab them. And then I also have a yoga block and a yoga blanket here. Now, we will be doing chest openers here, so if you've had any chest surgery or procedure, please go with caution, right? I don't want you hurting yourself, and we will offer modifications throughout. But if you feel any pain or have a lot of sensitivity, please stop.

Okay, so our first pose will be coming to what's called a baby cobra. So I like to pad where my hips will be here. And so I'm just going to lie down on our mat, and then we'll press the tops of our feet into the mat or into our space so much so that our knees and shins lift off the mat. And we'll bring our hands by our low ribs here, forehead can come down. And then on an inhale, we'll lift through the chest. Now, Scott will show you what this looks like with keeping the hands down. But I'm going to lift my hands off of the mat here, right? And so we're squeezing our shoulder blades together. We're squeezing through the glutes, and we're pressing our pubic bone down into our mat.

So we'll inhale here, and then exhale. Bring that forehead down, let everything go. Maybe you wiggle the hip side to side. We'll do one more just like that. So press the tops of the feet in to the mat, and then inhale lifting the chest. Again, my hands will hover here, but Scott will keep weight in his hands. So inhale here, and then exhale, bring that forehead down. Now our next pose will be a deeper back bend. So again, do what feels comfortable. Scott will show you a modification, but we're going to bring our hands back toward our hips here, our palms are down, our forehead comes down to the mat or to the floor.

And then on an inhale, we'll lift our legs, arms, and chest up. But so we don't want to feel this in the low back. So really pressing into that pubic bone, pressing down, lifting through that chest, keeping our neck long, and then squeezing those feet together here. So inhale and then exhale. We'll bring everything down here. Again, maybe you wiggle the hips, and we'll take one more. So just preparing here on your next inhale, you'll lift the legs, lift the arms back, lift the chest, keep that neck long. Or as Scott is showing, you can also just keep those legs down on the mat.

Finding one more inhale here. And then exhale, lower it down. Again, maybe you take a wiggle of the hips side to side here, and we'll press ourselves back into a child's pose because we were just opening that chest. We want to take a counter pose here. So we'll bring the big toes to touch behind us, and we'll just rest down onto our mat here.

Taking three more breaths here. Last inhale here. And exhale. Now our next pose will be a standing pose. So I'm going to move the blanket here off of my mat, and I've got my block. And then Scott has his two towels. So we'll stand here. And before we get started, I'm going to have us take our measurement here. So two fists between the arches of the feet so that our feet are hip distance. So I've got my block, Scott's got his towels. And so we're coming into chair pose. So on an inhale, we'll grow tall here. And then exhale, we'll just sit our hips back. And then Scott will show what it looks like to have the towels between the thighs here. And I have the block, right? So when we're here, we're squeezing that block just to find the activation in the legs.

And again, this can be as low or as high as you need it to be, right? Palms can come to heart center, or maybe you bring the arms up, biceps frame the ears. But it's really about where you want to be and what's comfortable for you. So we'll take an inhale here. Exhale. Maybe we just go a little bit deeper here. Inhale, and then exhale, will slowly forward, fold here, removing that block, and then maybe you have a seat on the mat. Thank you for joining us today. I hope that this has energized you and helps you feel less fatigued throughout your day. Thank you.

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