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Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared for CODE YELLOW?

During mass casualty or similar events, Summa Health’s disaster response is activated – Code Yellow. Physicians are integral in the hospital’s response plan. Physicians on site may be needed to support the response activities in the event of a Code Yellow.


In the event of a declared disaster, medical staff will be notified via pager, PerfectServe message, cell phone, and/or email.


Administrative personnel and physician leaders manage the incident response from the hospital’s command center. When patient care areas need physician support, requests are coordinated through the Labor Pool. Physicians are assigned by the Labor Pool to support these identified needs.

While we never know when a Code Yellow may be activated, the better prepared we are, the more effective our team will be.

If you have questions, please complete the contact us form or call the Summa Health Medical Staff office directly at 330.375.7672.


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.