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Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Every year, billions of dollars are improperly spent because of Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA). It affects everyone – including you. This training helps you detect, correct, and prevent FWA. You are part of the solution. Compliance is everyone’s responsibility. As an individual who provides health or administrative services for Medicare enrollees, your every action potentially affects Medicare enrollees, the Medicare Program, or the Medicare Trust Fund.

What is an Effective Compliance Program?

An effective compliance program fosters a culture of compliance within an organization and, at a minimum,:

  • Prevents, detects, and corrects non-compliance
  • Is fully implemented and is tailored to an organization’s unique operations and circumstances
  • Has adequate resources
  • Promotes the organization’s Standards of Conduct
  • Establishes clear lines of communication for reporting non-compliance

An effective compliance program is essential to prevent, detect, and correct Medicare non-compliance as well as Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA). It must minimumally include the seven core compliance program requirements.

Non-Compliance Affects Everybody

Without programs to prevent, detect, and correct non-compliance, we all risk harm to beneficiaries with delayed services and denial of benefits. This means less money for everyone due to:

  • High insurance copayments
  • Higher premiums
  • Lower benefits for individuals

Don’t Hesitate to Report Non-Compliance

There can be no retaliation against you for reporting suspected non-compliance in good faith. You may do this:

  • Anonymously
  • Confidentially
  • Non-retaliatory

You may call the Summa Health Compliance Officer at 330.996.8437 or email Or call the Summa Health Hotline at 1.800.421.0925.

To download the “Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse” presentation, click here.


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.