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“I’m 4 Safety” Training Requirement 

Summa Health System is committed to providing safe and effective care to patients. Over the last several years, the Medical Staff has joined together with the hospital to implement a renewed focus on providing safe and reliable care to patients by instituting an approach bringing successful practices of other highly complex/reliable industries (including aviation and nuclear power) into health care. We established new expectations and safety interventions for leaders, enhanced cause analysis processes to identify fundamental issues of breakdown, and specific reliability behaviors that clinical and non-clinical staff have been trained in, and are expected to use in their daily work.

The Medical Executive Committee and Board of Directors of Summa Health System require safety training at Initial Credentialing for all individuals. The requirement applies to all members of the medical staff (MS) as well as allied health (AH) practitioners and advance practice providers (APPs).

The initial “I’m 4 Safety” training will be completed via a 90-minute online course. Once you have been granted privileges at the Hospital, you will be provided access to HealthStream, which is the Summa Health Learning Management System (LMS). The online “I'm 4 Safety” training program will automatically be assigned to you and sent to the email address we have on file for you. The expected completion date is 120 days from the date the Board approved your application for clinical privileges. The Medical Staff Office may accept a certificate of completion of a similarly-focused safety course granted by a regional institution on a case-by-case basis to substitute for the I’m 4 Safety Online Course. Certificates granted by a regional institution will not be accepted to substitute for the training requirement upon the initial grant of privileges. Providers must complete Summa’s I’m 4 Safety Course a minimum of once before a certificate granted by a regional institution will be considered.

If you prefer to attend the classroom-based course, please contact the HR Employee Development Department at to ask to be registered for a classroom session.

All MS, AH and APPs with clinical privileges will be required to undergo “I’m 4 Safety” refresher training every 24 months. Refresher training can be through Summa’s training course or a similar safety training program. Course work materials and a certificate of completion may be required as proof the requirement was fulfilled.

Instructions for the Online “I'm 4 Safety” Training Program

This course requires use of a computer that has Flash Player installed. Since Apple does not support Flash Player on its iPad or iPhone products, this course cannot be viewed on those devices.

  • Go to the HealthStream website at
  • On the right side of the login screen under login instructions, click on the link to check your computer to assure you have the hardware and software necessary for using HealthStream. If your computer does not meet the technical requirements for using HealthStream, please make the necessary changes and then recheck your system.
  • Your User ID is your Summa employee number if you are a Summa employee. If you are not a Summa employee, your user ID is your NPI number.

The default password is “12345,’ which you will be prompted to change upon initial login. Passwords should be a minimum of four characters and are case sensitive. The training is comprised of a 20-question pretest, which if passed, completes the requirement. If the pretest is not passed, a 30-minute video course is required followed by a post-test.

If you have any problems accessing HealthStream or technical problems with the course, please contact one of the individuals listed on the HealthStream login screen or e-mail a description of your problem to

HealthStream will e-mail you an alert when this course is assigned to you. If you have not completed this course by one week before the due date, HealthStream will begin sending you a daily e-mail reminder to complete the course until you have completed it. This helps assure you meet the required timeframe for completing this very important safety training.

Individuals who carry Middlebury Insurance will receive a one-time premium discount for taking the I’m 4 Safety initial course.

Download and view the “I’m 4 Safety” Patient Safety and Error Prevention refresher.


Options to Request an Appointment

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