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Patient & Family Advisory Council

Vision Statement: To be recognized as one of the premier healthcare providers in the region by encouraging our patients and families to be equal partners with their healthcare team and thereby promoting the philosophy of patient and family centered care.

Mission Statement: Summa Health System Patient and Family Advisory Council will be dedicated to improving the overall healthcare experience by providing a voice to all who utilize our services.

Purpose: The purpose of the Patient and Family Advisory Council is to provide a formal mechanism to involve patients and families in policy and program decisions and to serve as an example of how collaboration should occur between patients, families, and healthcare professionals, thereby creating a family friendly environment where the needs of the patient and family are given top priority.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) was created to empower patients and families to take an active role in improving the patient experience at Summa Health System. Patient and family input and feedback are crucial to help us provide the best possible care for our patients.

The PFAC provides a forum to discuss issues and challenges affecting patients, family members and the community to improve the planning, delivery and evaluation of healthcare. The PFAC serves as an advisory resource for employees, staff and administration by assisting in the identification of best practices and gaps in services, and recommending new policies, programs, strategies or services to address the needs of the patient and family members.

Requirements of a Summa Health System Patient and Family Advisory Council Member

  1. Patient or family member of a patient who utilized services at Summa Health System facility within the last two years
  2. A two or three year membership commitment for meetings that will be held every month
  3. Participation in a Patient and Family Advisory Council orientation
  4. Share insight and information about experiences in ways that others can learn from them
  5. See beyond personal experiences
  6. Show concern for more than one issue or agenda
  7. Listen well and respect the perspective of others
  8. Speak comfortably in a group
  9. Interact well with many different types of people
  10. Work easily in partnership with others

Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.