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Is Broken Heart Syndrome a Real Thing?

Posted December 27, 2022 by Grace Ayafor, MD


A broken heart is sadly a part of life. From adolescent breakups to divorce to the loss of a spouse, just about everyone suffers a broken heart at one point or another — and sometimes multiple times throughout their lives. But, did you know that a broken heart can actually lead to cardiac issues?

Yes, broken heart syndrome, also known as stress cardiomyopathy, is a real medical condition and can even be deadly. It’s a temporary heart condition that’s often…

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The Importance of Long Run

Posted December 27, 2022 by June Calet, AT


Long runs produce many beneficial physiological changes. According to Running Times Columnist and Coach Greg McMillan, when you run long, you physically increase enzymes in your muscle cells and grow capillaries, which are the small vessels that surround the cells. These important changes allow more oxygen to be delivered to working muscle. You also strengthen your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

“The more oxygen that you can deliver to the working muscles, the better…

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12 Tips For Cooking Up A Delicious, Yet Nutritious Holiday Meal

Posted December 19, 2022 by Lauren David RD, LD


Holidays are a time for family fun, celebration and good food! But if you’re not careful, unwanted pounds can quickly sneak up on you.

Sticking to a healthy diet during the holidays is easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Holiday weight gain is not inevitable.

Summa Health offers 12 ways to make your holidays healthier — without sacrificing the tastes of the season you look forward to year after year. Instead of cutting out your favorite treats…

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Trust Your Training

Posted December 13, 2022 by Kyle Rutledge, MS, AT, ATC


Your months of training are complete. The time has come – it’s finally race day. Whether this is your first marathon or one of many, the prerace jitters are normal yet can lead to not sticking to your training plan and, possibly, an unsuccessful race.

If you’re a beginner runner (or even a veteran) and think you’re alone every time you question your fitness, training plan, or race strategy, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is not…

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Lung Cancer Patients Are Living Longer. Find Out Why

Posted December 12, 2022 by Chelsea Kennedy-Snodgrass, D.O.


Lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in both males and females in the United States, and according to the American Cancer Society (ACS), is the leading cause of cancer deaths, making up almost 25% of cases.

While smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, nonsmokers can be diagnosed with cancer as well. Exposure to radon, asbestos, and secondhand smoke are some of the other risk factors that can increase your risk of developing lung cancer.

The good news…

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Joan Riemer: How to Become a Leader [Podcast]

Posted December 06, 2022 by Joan Riemer

In this episode, we will hear from Joan Riemer, System Director of organizational development and training HR employee development. She will lead an in-depth discussion on what she believes are the skills, practices, and values that make a good leader.

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4 Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar - No Prescription Required!

Posted December 05, 2022 by Andrew Chema, M.D.


Balancing blood sugar isn’t only for people with diabetes. Lowering blood sugar can help prevent a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a growing problem in this country. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) estimates almost half of Americans battle high blood sugar on a daily basis. According to the ADA, about 11 percent of Americans have diabetes, while another nearly 35 percent have prediabetes. People with high blood sugar, known as hyperglycemia, are at an…

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The Importance of Cross Training, Core Work and Stretching

Posted November 29, 2022 by Nick Ferguson, AT


Runners just run, right? Wrong. Whether you are a weekend warrior training for your first marathon or a competitive runner trying to set a new PR, cross training, stretching, and core work can dramatically decrease your risk of injury and improve your performance.

Cross training, the practice of engaging in two or more types of exercise in order to improve fitness or performance in one’s main sport, is essential for any repetitive sport like distance…

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Take Control and Get Relief from Common Bladder Control Issues

Posted November 28, 2022 by Jenifer Byrnes, D.O.


If you’re like most females, problems with frequent urination, bathroom emergencies and leaking urine may not be something you want to talk about. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to discuss bladder control issues with your healthcare provider.

But, you don’t need to keep them hidden. Bladder control issues are a very common — and treatable — problem.

According to the U.S. Office on Women’s Health, about 40 percent of females aged 65 and…

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Michelle Bisson: Teamwork & Defining Success - Advice for Women in Healthcare Leadership [Podcast]

Posted November 22, 2022 by Michelle Bisson

In this episode, Michelle Bisson, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, discusses the importance of having female leaders and shares her core values and practices.

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A Guide to Ovarian Cancer: Risk Factors, Symptoms and Treatment

Posted November 21, 2022 by Clarissa Polen-De, M.D.


The ovaries may be small, but they are mightily important in a female’s reproductive cycle. With each about the size and shape of an almond, the ovaries produce eggs, as well as the female hormones estrogen and progesterone.

You don’t often hear about a loved one developing ovarian cancer because it’s not very common. However, it does deserve your attention, especially if you’re at high risk. Ovarian cancer ranks fifth in cancer deaths among females,…

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Marathon Training FAQ

Posted November 15, 2022 by Nilesh Shah, M.D.


Q: What should I be doing to avoid injury during training?
A: Proper warm-up and cool-down techniques should be utilized on days you’ll be running. This can include any or all of the following: adequate sleep, regular stretching routine, foam-roll before/after run, dynamic warm-up and active cool down.

Q: What are the best foods to eat during my training plan? As I get closer to race day?
A: The best plan to follow for race preparation is a well balanced diet.…

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Transgender Day of Remembrance: An Invitation to Listen Deeply and Love Generously

Posted November 14, 2022 by Shannon Blower MA, MAR, Director of Pastoral Care Services and Education


While serving patients at Summa Health, I often ask them, “What is it like to be you?” It is a provocative question, but a crucial one to encourage conversation beyond the normal boundaries of polite conversation. You see, the patients I visit often have a diagnosis or prognosis that is terminal, and the news shatters their sense of identity. Patients may wonder, Who will I become if I can’t provide? What is my worth if I can no longer perform the duties…

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Preventing ACL Tears

Posted November 14, 2022


.Anterior cruciate ligament (or ACL) tears, a stabilizing ligament in your knee, often occur in sports like soccer, basketball, and football. But, a tear of the ACL can happen with any activity and sideline you from enjoying your favorite activities. Ron Burdette, A.T. provides common risk factors and some simple exercises to strengthen and prevent injury of the ACL.

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Post-Race Recovery

Posted November 01, 2022 by Nilesh Shah, M.D.


So after months of training you did it, you completed the race for which you've been training. But, how you treat your body post-race is very important.

Next two weeks:

  • Continually re-hydrate. Your body will have lost significant amounts of fluid and electrolytes which need to be replaced.
  • Stay active and loose. If you can, go for a short walk to do some light cross training the day after. Avoid rigorous activities.
  • Eat well
  • Rest often
  • Consider a massage a few days after the race…

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Total Joint Replacement Trends: Technology Advances Are Increasing Surgical Rates and Patient Satisfaction

Posted October 31, 2022 by Kiel Pfefferle, MD


Do you have a bad hip? Achy knees? If you’re suffering from chronic joint pain, a total joint replacement can provide you with a better quality of life that includes less pain, improved motion and strength that you require for an active lifestyle.

Cartilage in joints naturally protects the bones from rubbing together. But when cartilage deteriorates due to injury, aging or disease, such as arthritis or obesity, bones begin rubbing together while in motion. This results…

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7 Cancer Treatments That Are Improving Patient Outcomes

Posted October 24, 2022 by Teresa Goebel, D.O.


Nearly 40 percent of individuals in this country will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, according to the National Cancer Institute. Breast, lung, prostate, colon and skin cancers are among the most common cancers diagnoses.

Fortunately, there are many cancer treatment options available today to cure a cancer, slow the progression or even reduce side effects from cancer — with several more being studied. Cancer treatments include local treatments,…

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Shingles: Symptoms, Treatment and Frequently Asked Questions

Posted October 17, 2022 by Darla Hadden, PA-C


For many of us, chickenpox is a distant memory. But, unfortunately, this childhood illness can come back to haunt us later in life in the form of shingles.

The same virus that causes chickenpox can cause shingles, a viral infection to the nerves that results in a painful rash. About 1 in 3 people will get shingles, according to the National Institutes of Health.

After someone has been infected with chickenpox, the virus enters their nervous system and lies inactive. Eventually,…

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7 Healthy Habits To Boost Your Immune Response

Posted October 10, 2022 by Edward Pankey, MD


Getting sick is a fact of life. But, developing healthy habits now may help you reduce your number of sick days this winter as cold and flu season looms ahead.

The body’s immune system is a complex network of cells and organ systems that work together to protect you and your family against infection and disease. It fights everything from cold and flu viruses, including COVID-19, to dangerous bacteria to cancer. A strong immune response is influenced by many factors,…

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Vaccines for Pregnant Individuals [Podcast]

Posted October 05, 2022 by Meghan Mehl, D.O., FACOG

Director of Obstetrics, Dr. Meghan Mehl discusses vaccinations for pregnant individuals and those planning to become pregnant.

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Summa Health Answers Your Questions About Breast Cancer Screenings

Posted October 03, 2022 by Victoria Van Fossen, M.D.


Early detection of breast cancer matters. The 5-year survival rate for breast cancer is lower in advanced stages of the disease. Many times women wait until they experience symptoms, like a lump, before they get a mammogram or clinical breast exam. By then, the cancer may have spread and be more difficult to treat and cure.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in females. That’s why for decades, October and the color pink have gone hand in hand to promote…

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The Importance of Advance Directives in End-of-Life Care [Podcast]

Posted September 28, 2022 by Kyle Yoder, DO & Ellen Saal-Patterson, MA, MSW, LISW-S

In this episode, Dr. Kyle Yoder and palliative care social worker Ellen Saal-Patterson lead a comprehensive discussion on preparing for end-of-life care.

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5 Tips To Help Catch Cancer Early

Posted September 26, 2022 by Sameer Mahesh, M.D.


Nearly 40 percent of individuals in this country will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, according to the National Cancer Institute.

However, the good news is that many cancers can be found early before they have a chance to grow and spread. And, studies prove catching cancer early when it’s easier to treat improves patient outcomes.

For example, breast cancer that is found in the early stages has a 99 percent survival rate, but when found in later…

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Posted September 20, 2022


.Listen to Ben Burkam, M.D. discuss with Ray Horner about the symptoms and treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Summa Health Answers Your Top Questions About Monkeypox

Posted September 19, 2022 by Thomas File, MD


Everywhere you turn, headlines are reporting on the latest virus to hit our country: monkeypox. At the time of this post, nearly 11,000 cases have been confirmed since the virus began spreading across the country in May and the United States declared it a public health emergency earlier this month.

But what is monkeypox? Who’s most at risk? What are the symptoms? Summa Health answers your top questions about monkeypox to help reduce your risk of infection and slow the…

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8 Common Myths About Blood Donation Debunked

Posted September 12, 2022 by Diana Lishnevski, M.D.


Donating blood is a life-saving gift. Every two seconds, someone in this country needs blood, according to the American Red Cross.

While it’s a fact that your blood donation can save the lives of up to three people, you may be fearful of it because of several myths surrounding blood donation. Summa Health debunks 8 common myths about donating blood to ease your mind and encourage you to give this year. There is always a need for donors. Blood has a short shelf life, so…

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Mental Health Support When You Need It Most

Posted September 06, 2022 by Jaimie A. McKinnon, MBA, BSN, RN, NE-BC Vice President, Behavioral Health Institute


According to the most recent COVID-19 Practitioner Survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, more psychologists reported an increased demand for mental health services in 2021 compared to 2020, with the most significant treatment increases occurring for those suffering from anxiety, depression and trauma-related disorders.

As your community healthcare partner, Summa Health is deeply committed to offering the highest quality behavioral health services to you…

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Your Aching Joints: Normal Aging or Something Else?

Posted September 06, 2022


If there is one thing to make you feel older, it’s aches and pains that limit your normal activity. As you age, the ligaments and tendons that hold your joints together can become stiff. This can lead to aching, soreness and pain.

However, arthritis and other disorders can develop. Osteoarthritis, commonly referred to as, “wear and tear” of the joints, is very common in middle age and elderly individuals.

It's important to listen to your body and…

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7 Common Stroke Mimics That Look Like You're Having a Stroke

Posted August 29, 2022 by Madihah Hepburn, M.D.


When you’re having a stroke, every minute counts. Fast treatment can lessen the brain damage that strokes can cause and improve survival rates, while lowering disability rates. In fact, many of the most effective treatments are only available if the stroke is diagnosed within three hours of symptoms.

A stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to any region of the brain is reduced or blocked completely. Strokes are the No. 5 cause of death…

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Blood Clots What You Need to Know and How to Help Prevent Them

Posted August 22, 2022 by Roger Chaffee, M.D.


When you cut yourself and injure a blood vessel, blood clotting is an important process that seals your wound and prevents excessive bleeding. Once your injury is healed, the body naturally dissolves the blood clot.

Blood clots can also form inside the blood vessels without an injury and do not dissolve naturally. This can become life-threatening and cause long-term effects, such as breathing problems or chronic swelling.

Any blood clot that forms in your veins or arteries can…

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What Do I Need To Know About Low Testosterone Or Low-T

Posted August 15, 2022 by Kevin A Spear, MD


Testosterone is what makes a man look and feel like a man. It’s the male sex hormone responsible for a man’s puberty, fertility and his sexual desire.

Produced in the testicles, testosterone works to help boys develop male characteristics, such as body and facial hair, a deeper voice and muscle strength during puberty. Men also need the hormone to produce sperm. In addition, testosterone ensures adequate levels of red blood cells and bone density, boosts mood and…

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Exercise Induced Asthma

Posted August 09, 2022 by Robert Crawford, M.D.


Exercise-induced asthma can keep you and your child out of the activities you loves. Learn the symptoms and treatment options from Robert Crawford, M.D.

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Grief Counseling: A Personal Experience That Fueled a Passion for Helping Others [Podcast]

Posted August 03, 2022 by Shannon Blower, MA Pastoral Counseling, MAR in Religious Leadership

Shannon Blower, Chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care Services, shares his personal experience with grief and provides tips and resources for anyone coping with grief.

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What is Diabetic Eye Disease?

Posted August 01, 2022 by James K Salem, MD


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in 10 Americans have diabetes. Diabetes can take a toll on your quality of life, seriously impact your physical and mental well-being and lead to many medical issues, including affecting the eye.

Diabetic eye disease is a group of eye conditions that affect diabetic patients. Patients who maintain high blood glucose for a prolonged period of time can damage the tiny blood vessels located behind…

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What a Sports Medicine Doctor Treats

Posted July 26, 2022 by Robert Crawford, M.D.


Listen to Robert Crawford, M.D. share some of the conditions a Sports Medicine doctor treats.

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6 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Healthcare Provider For Your Pregnancy Journey

Posted July 25, 2022 by Ashley Ballester, M.D.


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: you’re pregnant! With so much to do to get ready for baby — purchase a crib, choose a name, install the car seat — where should you begin?

First things first: Choosing the right provider to partner with you on this magical 40-week journey should be a top priority on your to-do list. Having a strong relationship with your obstetrician (OB) or certified nurse midwife(CNM) is important in promoting a healthy…

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Neurological Disorders: Take Strides To Reduce Your Fall Risk

Posted July 18, 2022 by Hasan Askari, M.D.


Falls are an unfortunate, yet frequent complication for people with neurological disorders. From Parkinson’s disease and Diabetes Mellitus to neuromuscular disorders, and from brain tumors to multiple sclerosis, neurological disorders affect the brain and central nervous system. This can cause paralysis, muscle weakness, poor coordination, loss of sensation, pain and much more. 

Because of the mobility challenges, instability and other symptoms, people with…

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Is it Psoriasis, Eczema or Something Else?

Posted July 11, 2022 by Darla Hadden, PA-C


Are you suffering from a red, dry, itchy rash that just won’t go away? Could it be psoriasis? Eczema? You may be desperate to get relief from symptoms, but it’s important to know what’s causing you trouble first. Psoriasis and eczema are both inflammatory chronic skin diseases that share similar symptoms, but they have very different causes and therefore, can have very different treatments.

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disorder that causes skin cells to…

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Exercises To Try — and Avoid During Pregnancy

Posted July 05, 2022 by Diana Mong, M.D., FACOG


When you’re expecting, it’s especially important to keep moving. Exercise is an important part of a healthy pregnancy and offers big benefits for both you and your baby, such as:

  • Boosts energy levels and makes you feel better by releasing endorphins
  • Reduces back pain
  • Eases constipation, bloating and swelling
  • Decreases risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and cesarean birth
  • Prevents excess weight gain, which is helpful in regaining your pre-pregnancy body more…

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Head to Toe: Common Injuries Infographic

Posted June 28, 2022

Active lifestyles sometimes lead to injuries, aches and pains. Here's a look at some common injuries of active people, how to treat them and when to see a doctor.

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Coping with Tragic News and Tips for Talking to Children

Posted June 27, 2022 by Chaplain Shannon Blower


In recent months, international conflicts, COVID, and violence have impacted our lives. These disturbing events can have profound effects not only on the families and communities where they occur but also on parents and children many miles from the scene.

Tragedies like these often shake our sense of trust and security. They feel personal because these are everyday people doing everyday things. Our kids go to school, we shop at grocery stores, attend concerts and movies, and…

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Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and More [Podcast]

Posted June 23, 2022 by Elizabeth Boes, D.O.

Elizabeth Boes, D.O. provides an educational overview of erectile dysfunction. Learn about symptoms, causes, treatment, and more.

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Shoulder Pain: Causes, Injuries, and Treatment [Podcast]

Posted June 22, 2022 by Ryan Urchek, M.D.

Dr. Ryan Urchek gives an overview of shoulder pain from common causes, injuries, and treatment options.

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Oral, Head And Neck Cancers: Get The Facts On Risk Factors, Symptoms

Posted June 20, 2022 by Greg Manson, M.D.


While head and neck cancers are not the most common malignancies diagnosed in the US, it affects a significant number of patients. According to the National Cancer Institute, this group of cancers occur in about 4 percent of all cancers in the country.

While more common cancers such as breast, colon and lung cancer are more known, oral, head and neck cancers can and do occur, especially in men. Additionally, the population affected by this disease has changed over the…

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Juneteenth: What It Is and Why It’s Celebrated [Podcast]

Posted June 14, 2022 by Dr. Yoleetah Ilodi & Iriel Hopkins

Dr. Yoleetah Ilodi & Iriel Hopkins discuss Juneteenth and its importance. Listen and learn more in this episode of Healthy Vitals.

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Let's Talk About Fiber!

Posted June 13, 2022 by Michelle Boltz, MS, RD, CSSD, LD


Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. Fiber has many health benefits, including:

  • Playing a role in lowering blood cholesterol
  • Helping to control blood sugars
  • Aiding in preventing constipation
  • Contributing to weight management

According to the Institute of Medicine and USDA, women should aim for about 25 grams of fiber per day, and men should aim for about 38 grams per day, or it is recommended to have about 14 grams for every 1000 calories. …

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Traci Kalpac Takes Pride In Connecting The LGBTQ+ Community With Specialized Services

Posted June 06, 2022 by Pamela Carlson, BA RN


Traci Kalpac starts out each morning not knowing what the day will bring. As a licensed independent social worker in Summa Health’s Pride Clinic, Traci’s role involves many hats.

Countless individuals in the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) community face the presence of stigma and discrimination in their daily lives. That’s why Traci’s role as a social worker can take on many forms: one day she’s a mentor, broker and…

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Why Are Tick-Borne Illnesses On The Rise And What Do I Need To Know?

Posted May 31, 2022 by Shivonne N. Suttles, MD


This summer as you head out for hikes in the woods, camping and other fun outdoor activities, beware of unwelcomed visitors — ticks.

The tick population is on the rise and expanding their geographical range, and with that comes an increase in tick-borne illnesses. In fact, the annual number of cases of tick-borne diseases in the United States has nearly doubled since 2004, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with Lyme disease representing the…

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Multiple Sclerosis: Symptoms, Treatment, and More [Podcast]

Posted May 30, 2022 by Dmitri Kolychev, M.D.


Dr. Dmitri Kolychev, a neurologist at Summa Health, discusses the influx of Multiple Sclerosis diagnoses in the United States. Learn about MS symptoms, treatment options, and more in this episode of Healthy Vitals.

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A Guide To High Blood Pressure To Help You Lower Your Numbers

Posted May 23, 2022 by Joseph F. Pietrolungo DO, MS, FSVM, FACC


There’s good reason why blood pressure readings are taken first at all routine doctor visits. Almost half of American adults have high blood pressure, known as hypertension, according to the American Heart Association. It’s a very common condition, especially as you age.

Your blood pressure is determined both by the amount of blood your heartpumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow in your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your…

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Shin Splints

Posted May 17, 2022 by Nilesh Shah, M.D.


Many people turn to running as a form of exercise because it’s an easy and inexpensive way to improve your cardiovascular health and lose weight. Nilesh Shah, M.D. shares some tips to alleviate shin pain (also known as shin splints) when you start a running program.

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What You Need To Know About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Posted May 16, 2022 by Tamika Payden, MA, LPCC-S, MFT & Patrick Palmieri, Ph.D.


As humans, we strive to achieve a sense of belonging, acceptance and connection with others. These innate needs and desires are often originated from family. Through these interactions, we gain a sense of self-worth, security and community. Families, regardless of blood relation or choice, are bound together by shared meaning and values. These beliefs and perspectives shape the realities that form these connections, but what happens to a family when trauma alters and divides…

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Nurses Week: Celebrating Nurses and Their Commitment to Our Community [Podcast]

Posted May 09, 2022 by Tiffany Collins, BSN, RN


Tiffany Collins discusses her journey and passion for nursing.

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Viral hepatitis: What you need to know

Posted May 08, 2022 by Edward Pankey, M.D.


The liver is one of the largest and busiest organs in the body. Your liver spends its days processing nutrients, filtering blood and fighting infection, among other important jobs.

That’s why the hepatitis virus, which infects the liver, can be a major threat to this vital organ. When your liver is inflamed or damaged, it cannot function correctly.

The most common hepatitis viruses in the United States are hepatitis A, B and C. These viruses cause liver infections and…

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Shoulder and Arm Injuries

Posted May 03, 2022 by Nilesh Shah, M.D.


Listen to Nilesh Shah, M.D. discuss some recent baseball injuries..

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Don't suffer in silence: What you need to know about hearing loss

Posted May 02, 2022 by Deanna Nickerson, Au.D. & Amy Welman, Au.D.


Do you often find yourself replying, “Say that again,” during a conversation? Do you have difficulty understanding words while in a crowded place? Does it seem as if your loved one is mumbling or talking quieter than usual? These could be signs of hearing loss.

As we age, hearing lossis a common problem. In fact, nearly 25 percent of people ages 65 to 74 and half of those who are 75 and older have disabling hearing loss, according to the National Institutes of…

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Getting Help for Long-Term Post-COVID Symptoms [Podcast]

Posted April 25, 2022 by Ted Shaub, M.D. & Brian Bauman, M.D.

While most people with COVID-19 recover and return to normal health within a few weeks, others have symptoms that linger for months after recovery. Even people who have had mild versions of the virus can experience persistent or late symptoms. These people are often referred to as "long haulers" and the condition has been termed post-COVID syndrome or "long COVID-19."

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Get your top questions about epilepsy answered

Posted April 24, 2022 by By Marvin Rossi, MD, Ph.D


Epilepsy is more common than you might think. It’s estimated 3.4 million adults and children in this country are living with epilepsy, with about 150,000 new cases diagnosed each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that leads to disturbances in the brain’s electrical activity, causing repeated seizures. These seizures occur when the nerve cells fire more rapidly and with less control than…

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How Acupuncture Needles Promote Healing

Posted April 19, 2022


Dry needling involves insertion of a very thin needle around trigger points, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves to elicit a biochemical response in the brain to release trigger points and improve the body’s perception of pain location and intensity. Dry needling has been proven to be both very safe and effective for treating pain and improving function.  Dry needling is practiced within the framework of western medicine, not within the framework of traditional…

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Summa Health's Project SEARCH helps young adults with disabilities gain employment

Posted April 18, 2022 by Jessica Goff, Manager, Volunteer Services


Summa Health is helping to educate and employ young adults with disabilities one student at a time through Project SEARCH.

Since 2005, Summa Health has partnered with the Six District Educational Compact, a regional collaborative that provides career-technical education programs, to offer high-school students a one-year, school-to-work transition program on-site. Modeled after the growing Project SEARCHnational program, the initiative is designed to help qualified students…

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Maternal Health in the Black Community [Podcast]

Posted April 14, 2022 by Cheryl Johnson, MD, FACOG


Dr. Cheryl Johnson leads a discussion focusing on empowerment in the African American community, especially maternal health.

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Spring Back into Your Running Regimen with These 5 Training Tips

Posted April 10, 2022 by Nilesh Shah, MD


Spring breathes new life into the grass, plants and trees around us — and hopefully your training routine, too. As temperatures rise and the days get longer, many runners are eager to jump off the treadmill and into the outdoors.

But whether you’re an avid runner, looking to increase your miles or are just starting out for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind before you head out the door.

After frigid temps and busy holiday schedules, you may have…

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Testicular Cancer: An Overview from Prevention to Treatment [Podcast]

Posted April 08, 2022 by Joseph Dankoff, MD


Dr. Dankoff provides an overview of testicular cancer. Learn about symptoms, prevention, and treatment options.

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Keeping Your Back Healthy While Golfing

Posted April 05, 2022


The world’s best golfers are in Akron this week for the
Bridgestone Invitational. As we marvel at their powerful swings, it is important to remember that those swings can also lead to back issues. As with so many health conditions, a little effort to prevent back injury and low back pain goes a long way. Three key areas of prevention include adequate warm-up, swing technique, and properly carrying the golf bag.

1. Warm-up

Going directly to the tee at 7 a.m., pulling out…

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Myth vs. Fact: What you need to know to feel confident in your healthy food choices

Posted April 04, 2022 by Laura Ilg RD, LD


We’ve been told time and again all fats are unhealthy, multigrain is healthier than white bread and fruit juice is a good replacement for the whole fruit. But, are these facts or myths that have been ingrained in us? 

With so much conflicting information, it can be difficult to make the healthiest choices and the unfortunate truth is we often fall victim to food myths.

We might reach for a food commonly believed to be healthy, but in actuality, it could be harmful to…

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What Makes a Great Doctor - Personal Insights, Advice, and Why they Chose Medicine [Podcast]

Posted March 30, 2022 by Dr. Shanu Agarwal and resident Kortnie Broschinsky


Dr. Shanu Agarwal and resident Kortnie Broschinsky discuss their journey into healthcare.

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Feeling the pressure? 8 ways to live a heart-healthy lifestyle

Posted March 28, 2022 by Fatima Samad, MD


Are you feeling the pressure to live a heart-healthy lifestyle? You’re not alone.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). What’s more, nearly half of all adults in this country are living with some type of cardiovascular disease.

The good news is you don’t have to be a statistic. While genetics do play a role in heart disease, there are several risk factors that can…

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Occupational Therapy: What Is It, How Does It Help, Who Should See An OT [Podcast]

Posted March 24, 2022 by Dr. Craig Wood


Craig Wood leads a discussion focusing on occupational therapy, its benefits, and why he got into the field.

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Issues that Can Put the Brakes on Your Summer Run

Posted March 22, 2022 by Scott M. Barbone M.S., AT


When the temperatures soar into the 80s and beyond, but you’re determined to complete that training run, there are some key things to remember before you lace up your sneakers.


On warm, summer days, hydrating after a workout isn't enough. It's also important to drink water throughout the day before even heading outside for a run. Even if you're not used to carrying water, make a point to bring water during hot runs and sip an ounce or two every five or 10…

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Why Am I So Tired [Podcast]

Posted March 22, 2022 by Dr. Ketan Deoras


Dr. Ketan Deoras discusses some of the more common issues of fatigue.

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Summa Health opens new Joint Replacement Center of Excellence

Posted March 21, 2022 by Kiel J Pfefferle, MD


Summa Health is pleased to bring to Barberton and the greater Akron community a brand new, state-of-the-art Joint Replacement Center of Excellence. The new center is dedicated to providing high-quality, comprehensive care, all the while enhancing the patient experience throughout every phase of treatment.

Patients can expect a high concentration of expertise and resources centered on providing exceptional orthopedic care for hip and knee replacement. Summa Health is proud to…

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Brain basics: What you should know about traumatic brain injuries

Posted March 14, 2022


From a car accident to a sports injury to an unfortunate fall to domestic violence or child abuse, all of these horrific scenarios can result in traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. Head injuries can happen to anyone, at any age, and can damage the brain.

A TBI occurs when a sudden bump, blow or jolt to the head causes the brain to bounce or twist in the skull, injuring brain cells, breaking blood vessels, even creating chemical changes. It also can happen with a penetrating…

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Our Commitment to Creating a Healthier Community [Podcast]

Posted March 10, 2022 by Iriel Hopkins and Marlo Schmidt


Iriel Hopkins and Marlo Schmidt discuss ways in which Summa Health System contributes to a healthier community.

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6 Reasons Running is More Popular than Ever

Posted March 08, 2022 by Nilesh Shah, M.D.


Did you see the pictures from this past weekend’s Akron Marathon, or did you cheer on a friend or family member who was running? If it inspired you to dust off your own sneakers and hit the road, you’re not alone. Here are six reasons why you should start running!

Running makes you happier.

No matter how you feel at any given moment, running will make you feel better. This feeling goes beyond the "runner's high"—that rush of feel-good hormones known as…

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Colorectal cancer screening: Which test is right for you?

Posted March 07, 2022 by Truong Ma, M.D.


As the third leading cause of cancer-related death in both men and women in the U.S., screening for colorectal cancer should be an important part of your routine healthcare.

Colon and rectal cancers, more commonly known as colorectal cancer, can be found early with testing before it has a chance to grow and spread. And studies prove catching it early when the cancer is easier to treat improves patient outcomes.

Just look at the survival rate for colorectal cancer as proof.…

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Travel plans? Check out these tips for preventing and treating motion sickness

Posted February 28, 2022 by John Weeman, M.D.


Have you ever walked off a boat, stepped off a rollercoaster or gotten out of a car only to feel nauseous, dizzy and otherwise awful?  That’s motion sickness.  Anyone can experience it — one in three people do in their lifetime, in fact — but it’s most common in children and pregnant women.

Typically, motion sickness occurs with any form of travel, whether by car, bus, train, airplane or boat.  Sometimes amusement rides can cause it, too.…

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – What You Need to Know [Podcast]

Posted February 24, 2022


Karen Frantz DeSeptis and Ericka Malone lead a discussion on SIDS, and important information you need to know.

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Marathon Race Tips

Posted February 22, 2022 by Nilesh Shah, M.D.


Just making the decision to run a marathon is a huge achievement. But what are some steps you can take before and during the race to make sure you have a successful and safe run? Here are some recommendations promoted by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Hydration/Avoiding Heat Illness

  1. Drink 8-10 ounces of sports drink 2-3 hours before the race to make sure you are properly hydrated before arriving at the starting line.
  2. 10-20 minutes before the race, drink another 8…

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Get the facts on heart disease in African American women

Posted February 21, 2022 by Dr. Grace Ayafor


You may have heard heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 killers in women. But did you know that heart disease and stroke disproportionately affect African American women?

It’s true. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), 49 percent of African American women aged 20 and older have heart disease and they have almost two times the risk of stroke than Caucasians. Sadly, African American women are more likely to die at an earlier age when compared to other…

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How "Long COVID-19" is taking a toll on patients' mental health

Posted February 14, 2022 by Patrick Palmieri, PhD


The stress of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, but especially on those who have battled the virus and now have lingering symptoms.

Known as “long COVID-19” or “post-COVID syndrome,” some patients are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms for weeks or even months after recovering from the acute phase of infection — even when the virus is no longer detected in their bodies. Even patients who had mild cases and weren’t hospitalized…

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An Overview of Osteoporosis: Prevention to Treatment [Podcast]

Posted February 11, 2022


Natalie Hiltbrand, an Osteoporosis Specialist at Summa Health, leads a discussion on osteoporosis treatment, as well as prevention.

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10 Tips for Running Your First Organized Race

Posted February 08, 2022 by Nick Ferguson, MBA, AT


Training for the Big Event


1. Take Your Time and Use a Formal Training Program

Going from a sedentary lifestyle to running a 5K or longer race is an attainable goal for almost everyone. However, running is not without risk and following one of the many formal programs, such as Couch to 5K or other run/walk training programs (available online) can help keep you from sustaining injury by doing too much too early. These programs also help keep you motivated by giving you…

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Summa Health joins the cause to reduce racial disparity in Akron communities

Posted February 07, 2022 by Tracy Carter & Iriel Hopkins, MSW, LSW


With a national spotlight on racism in recent years, numerous efforts across the country are underway to help reduce racial disparity, and the city of Akron and Summa Health are jumping in to join the fight.

Last summer, the city of Akron declared racism a public health crisis and put plans in place to reduce racial disparity here at home through the newly created Racial Equity and Social Justice Taskforce. The taskforce’s mission is to build public trust by making…

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How Random Acts of Kindness Can Benefit Your Health

Posted January 31, 2022 by Todd M Ivan, MD


We all know how a random act of kindness can benefit the recipient of the act. Plus, it usually makes you feel good to show kindness to others. But, did you know, these random acts of kindness also have physical health benefits?

A 2016 studyshows a connection between giving or helping and the chemical releases in the brain that mimic a euphoric high. This ‘helpers high” shows how generosity can benefit your overall health as much as those who you help. Research…

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Ready to Run: Helpful Tips for Beginner and Seasoned Runners

Posted January 25, 2022 by Nilesh Shah, M.D.


Watch Nilesh Shah, M.D. share tips for runners.

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Exercising your brain: 6 ways to build mental fitness

Posted January 24, 2022 by Dr. James R Bavis


Just as our bodies require care and exercise over the course of our life, so do our brains — especially as we age. Lifting weights strengthens our muscles, while strengthening our mental “muscles” improves our memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, intelligence and navigation.

The key is variety. Similarly when we exercise our body, if doing something becomes too easy, it’s time to make a change to build brainpower. The more something is second…

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Do's and Dont's to safely care for cuts and scrapes at home

Posted January 17, 2022 by Mary Lareine Pastoral, M.D.


Cuts from household items, such as knives, broken glass or needles, are commonplace. All it takes is a slip of the knife during meal prep or a broken glass while cleaning up and suddenly, you’re bleeding. Now what?

Immediately apply pressure on the area with a tissue, gauze pad or clean cloth to stop any bleeding. It should stop after a few minutes, so don’t remove the gauze until you’ve applied pressure for two to three minutes. Removing the cloth too soon…

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Starting a Running Routine

Posted January 11, 2022 by Nilesh Shah, M.D.


Watch Nilesh Shah, M.D. share tips for starting a running routine. These running tips will help keep you injury free.

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10 early signs of diabetes that shouldn't be ignored

Posted January 10, 2022 by James Salem, MD


High blood sugar can cause gradual, unassuming symptoms that can sneak up on you. Frequent urination and excessive thirst — the telltale signs of type 2 diabetes — are often mild and can easily be attributed to other factors.

In fact, most people don’t even know they have high blood sugar until they’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Diabetesis a chronic condition that causes glucose (or sugar) levels in the body to rise. The problem is ignoring or…

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Why is it so important to understand your family health history?

Posted January 03, 2022 by Lynn Hamrich, M.D.


You may have heard someone comment on a shared feature that you have with a family member, or heard someone is the spitting image of a relative.  It’s true family members share similar looks, but they also share genes — which aren’t as easy to see. For instance, you may be unaware that you also share your great-grandmother’s increased risk for heart disease.

When it comes to your health, knowing your family’s traits that you can’t see…

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