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Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee ReplacementGradual wear and tear on the cartilage in the knee joint is one of the common reasons for needing a total knee replacement.  Severe knee pain may make it too difficult to do everyday activities, like walking, climbing stairs and getting out of bed.  A total knee replacement can reduce pain and increase the joint’s range of motion for a patient.

Many people with joint pain often wait too long before consulting an orthopedic specialist. The earlier you talk with a Summa orthopedic specialist, the more treatment options will be available to you and the faster recovery can occur. Some of these treatment options may be physical therapy and injections.  If total knee replacement surgery is recommended, know that it is crucial to have surgery before the knee stiffens. Waiting too long can hinder your recovery.

In a total knee replacement the damaged ends of the bone are replaced with an implant that is a combination of cobalt chrome and highly cross-linked polyethylene implant.  Modular components are used to allow for easy “revision” of worn-out joints.

Total knee replacements can last more than 20 years.  It is recommended that you visit your orthopedic specialist annually for a check-up and X-ray to monitor the new joint. This procedure is performed at Summa Health by Dr. Kiel Pfefferle.

Download more information about knee replacement at Summa Health (PDF).


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